Technical supervision

Duna Terasz Vista


Execution works on Duna Terasz Vista project began in July, 2023. Ádám Mérnökiroda has been involved in the planning and preparation works of the project since 2020. We are providing project management and technical supervision services for the recent phase. The works include 50.000 cubic meters of earthworks, with the removal of the foundations of […]

Duna Terasz Grande project


Duna Terasz Grande, our main project is close to completion.  The facades are being finalized, the scaffolds are gradually removed from the buildings. The construction work quality is market leading. The technical handing over for the buyers will begin soon. Our team ont he project consists of one development project manager and six technical supervisors.

Completed projects


Two of our major projects have finished recently: the renewal works of Atrinova Office Building and the completion of Burger King Restaurant at Pesti Street. The former included the complete renewal of the facades and the entrance main lobby, where our company was the technical supervisor of the construction works. The latter is a new […]

banki finanszírozás

Technical supervision for banks


Since 2021 we have been working as technical experts for banks for financed real estate projects. For these assignments we are first examining the legal, technical, contractual preparations and the permissions of the project. During the contruction phase we confirm the status and completion of the works, validate the received invoices. Finaally, on finishing the […]

Duna Terasz Grande 2


Duna Terasz Grande, our main project has already exceeded the structural construction phase. Recently the masonry works are being completed by the general contractor, Kész Szerelő Zrt. The biggest single phase condominium project in the history of Hungary is constructed in good quality and on schedule, with expectzed handing over in Spring 2023. Our team […]

Finished works

We have finished three works recently. Aradi Street 68 condominium The structural and external facade and roof works have been finished by the contractor Swietelsky Magyarország Kft. Our assignment has finished ont he project. There is an interesting article about the project at the Magyar Építők site (in Hungarian, but with a lot of pictures): […]


Our company is undergoing rapid development. The number of our employees is growing together with the number of assignments, currently 9 employees and 6 commissioned colleagues work at the Ádám Engineering Office. Our team has a wide range of expertise, a friendly and cohesive unity. The pictures below were taken of our daily work and […]

Műszaki ellenőrzés

Technical supervision


A technical inspector is expected to have extensive knowledge of his profession, to have relevant experience, and to be able to strongly represent his opinion to the various actors in the construction industry. However, technical inspectors are also people, it is important to have a proper work environment to complete the hard and responsible work. […]

Duna Terasz Grande

The structural works of Duna Terasz Grande condominiums have reached 50% completion. Thanks to the rapid work of Fülöp Szerkezet Kft., the structural sub contractor and the general contractor Kész Építő Zrt, the construction of the reinforced concrete structure is progressing faster than the contractual schedule. This also means busy work for our technical supervision […]



Renovation work has begun on the facade and entrance lobby areas of Atrinova Office Building in downtown Budapest. Újlaki Építő Kft. will carry out the modernisation of the facade of the office building on Bajcsy-Zsilinszky road based on the plans of Zsuffa and Kalmár Architect Studio. Our company performs the full technical supervision works on […]